Facing The Truth About Our Health

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How is your health? It’s a broad question but one that most people never answer honestly.  You’re sure you are fine.  You were a little out of breath climbing a flight of stairs the other day.  Hey. It’s probably nothing.  You had chest pains last night after you late-night snack.  It’s probably nothing.  You woke up with some aches and pains this morning.   It’s probably nothing.  This is the anthem of our society.

The harsh truth is that it’s definitely something…..and it’s probably something you shouldn’t be ignoring.  Hey, your dying, but don’t worry everyone is.  You just might be leaving sooner than you planed on.  Fret not.  It’s probably nothing, right?

Wrong.  These days, most Americans ae  their health in epic proportions.  According to recent studies at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD  64% of Americans are currently overweight and more than 30% are obese.  If that’s not enough of an eye opener, 75% of the American population is expected to be overweight by 2015.  That’s just the extra pounds and swelling waistlines.  Maybe we should ask how is your health now?

The fact that you are reading a fitness blog, means that you are looking for answers.  you’ve looked at nutrition labels, asked you doctor questions and made plans with your wife, children and all those around you.  You’re making waves, but the reason you’re not seeing anything change around you is just that:

You are just concerned with what’s around you.  In truth you probably only have the urge to get in shape because of your surrounding.   Its cool to be health-conscious these days.

Personally, as a “Personal Trainer”   I’m pretty upset to be cast as part of a fad rather that part of a real lasting solution to an ever present problem.  Sometimes I think that making health and fitness a trend….something that the cool kids make followers do because they consider it important… has some benefits.   But I know that thinking along these lines is just a means of fooling ourselves.  I have debated this topic with others before, and man people fail to see why I’m against accepting the Hollywood-ization of health and fitness. If you are approaching your health with anything other than true, unrehearsed and personal motives, you are not seeking health:  your seeking to fit in.  And while associating yourself with something of comfort is nice, it’s much to trival to use your health as a catalyst.

Losing weight, getting healthy and building muscle are all things that happen from within.  You need to find your true motivation, your true passion to be your best, your true fear of dying before your time and make your move today.  Stop saying, “It’s probably nothing” and start making some-thing good happen.  If you find that you can’ do it alone, one great first step is to hire a personal trainer.

Here is to your health….protect it….it’s the best investment in yourself you can make….

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