GET STRONGER…… LIVE LONGER: (19 Year Study Proves It)

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Maintain Strength if you want to live longer and prevent life-threatening diseases. A landmark study published in the British Medical Journal by Dr Steven Blair from the University of South Carolina and colleagues found that good muscle strength was linked to a lower death from heart disease, cancer and all causes in both young and older men. This 18 year old study confirmed the results of other research showing that strong muscles increased longevity, (and yes this goes for you woman out there also). Stronger men can process carbohydrates, fats and proteins more efficiently, regulate blood flow better and have higher levels of muscle growth factors, such as testosterone, a growth hormone and IGF-1 Enhanced metabolic health boosts vigor, vitality and sexual performance. Again, physical inactivity, obesity and poor diet trigger physical deterioration that eventually lead to degenerative diseases and death. While death comes to us all….strong muscles and bodies increase longevity and improve the quality of life.


Weight training may be the most important kind of exercise for adults because it increases strength and muscle mass. People lose about 20 percent, or more, of their muscle mass between the age 40 and 60. By age 70 most men can’t life 10 pounds overhead. The association between increased strength enhances metabolic health, lean mass, the growth of younger cell components, reflects higher levels of anabolic hormones, and enhances mobility. Each factor is strongly linked to a reduced risk of disease and increased longevity.


We all lose muscle mass and function as we age. Weight training improves blood sugar regulation by increasing insulin sensitivity. Insulin moves glucose (sugar) from the blood into the cells, and promotes glycogen formation (stored carbohydrates) protein synthesis and fat storage. Poor blood glucose, regulation is linked to the Metabolic Syndrome, a group of health problems that include high blood pressure, abdominal fat storage, abnormal blood fats, type 2 diabetes and blood clotting abnormalities.


Obesity increases the risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and all causes. Muscle mass is the most important factor determining the rate the body burns calories. Weight training increases lean body mass and makes it easier to lose weight and maintain lost weight. During weight loss weight training helps maintain lean mass prevents decreases in metabolic rate.


Mitochondria (causes loss of functional motor units (nerve and muscle cells) abnormal mitochondria (cell energy centers), nerve cell death and DNA destruction. Gradually muscle cells lose the ability to repair damage, which causes further deterioration in muscle function. Weight training can partially restore lost muscle function in adults and make the cells functionally younger.


Muscle tissue loss (sarcopenia) reduces joint stability, increases the risks of dangerous falls and decreases the quality of life. Poor strength decreases mobility, which leads to further reconditioning. Increasing strength promotes the capacity to exercise, which reduces the risk of degenerative diseases and premature death.

Many studies show a very strong link between muscle strength and longevity.


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