People Who Stay Active And Fit, Stay Healthier

Fitness Programs For Men & Women Over 50

Begin right now and you will soon notice that you are getting things done more easily, that your tummy is flatter, your muscles are firmer, and that you feel better about yourself and your life.

Muscular fitness consists of three basic elements:

  • Strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility

Additional elements include:

  • Power
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination

The cold, hard fact is that the above will all decline with age.

The good new is that you can reduce this rate of decline by being active. Research shows that we can build strength even into our 90s.

What Are The Benefits of Activity and Fitness?

Imagine awakening in a body that is newly transformed by several months of fitness training.

You will notice that you have the ability to carry out all of the every day tasks facing you without any undue fatigue. You enjoy leisure pursuits and can meetunforeseen emergencies with confidence.

Establishing a workout routine will give you:

  • The ability to carry out work and other demanding activities
  • The flexibility and balance to perform well and avoid injuries
  • The stamina to handle home life, work, recreation and the inevitable unexpected demands of life

Exercise can provide life-enhancing benefits Improvements in body function, as a result of exercise, are well documented. In addition to physiological benefits, psychological benefits can be realized as well.

Exercise is the best prescription!

No other “product” can provide so many positive changes with so few side effects. You can claim these benefits for yourself. Regardless of your current level of physical being, the information you will learn will help you create a realistic, drug-free, workable exercise plan that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Scientists working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have rated exercise in terms of strong, moderate, or weak.

Strong Exercise Benefits

  • Lower risk of early death
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease
  • Lower risk of stroke
  • Lower the risk of high blood pressure
  • Lower the risk of adverse blood lipid profile
  • Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Lower the riskof metabolic syndrome
  • Lower the risk of colon cancer
  • Lower the risk of breast cancer
  • Prevention of weight gain
  • Weight loss, particularly when combined with reduced calorie intake
  • Improved cardio respiratory and muscular fitness
  • Reduced depression
  • Better cognitive function

Moderate To Strong Exercise Benefits

  • Better functional health
  • Reduced abdominal obesity

Moderate Exercise Benefits

  • Lower risk of hip fracture
  • Lower the risk of lung cancer
  • Lower the risk of endometrial cancer
  • Weight management and weight loss
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved sleep quality

Our bodies were designed to move not sit in front of a desk, computer, video game or TV set!

Physical activity and fitness work, or training, focuses on your movement and ensures that you will achieve the impressive goals listed above. They also improve your posture, muscle tone and appearance.

My promise to you is simple – I work as hard as I can to help you have the healthy life you want.

The time is now! Contact me and let’s work together to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle; together we can accomplish this!

Why Should You Choose To Work With Me?

Your Path

When you choose to work with me you will receive an exercise program designed by myself exclusively for you and your life style.

Your training program is an extension of my training philosophy coupled with over twenty years of experience helping clients just like you.

Your personal training program will be developed using the information that you share during your free initial consultation.

We will work together to identify your short- and long-term goals. Your program will include a progressive weight resistance program in addition to a cardiovascular (aerobic) routine with diet and supplement modifications.

Together we will improve your overall ability to function in daily life, lose weight, improve your balance and flexibility, strengthen your muscles without the “body builder” look, tone up and be healthy, fit and full of life.

I realize that the demands on your life can make it hard to find and keep the motivation you need to stick to a healthy living exercise program.

I will motivate you, and be by your side.

I am not here to work you out hard, but to keep you motivated and on track.

You will receive personal fitness assessments to measure your progress.

I will continue to modify your workouts, nutrition plan and cardio aerobic performance as your fitness level improves.

Train with me in the comfort of your own home or your condo gym. I will bring everything you need to reach your goals safe and fast.

Contact me today to get started!