Don’t have time to do your aerobics??? You do now. How about exercising just 12 minutes a day for great results!

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We all have a choice when we consider what type of aerobics program we want to do. There are two basic thoughts. One is an endurance program, steady, slow movement for over 30 minutes per day, at least five days per week. The other is called…High Intensity Interval Training. Most people equate slow, endurance training […]

Is Your Training Goal Endurance or Strength…Maybe Both?

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What is your training goal? Some of us want to build endurance, and cardiac efficiency . Some of us want to build muscle and tone up, while others would live to see improvement in both. Training is very specific. How you train determines what results you get. Achieving your goals is directly related to how […]

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GET STRONGER…… LIVE LONGER: (19 Year Study Proves It)

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Maintain Strength if you want to live longer and prevent life-threatening diseases. A landmark study published in the British Medical Journal by Dr Steven Blair from the University of South Carolina and colleagues found that good muscle strength was linked to a lower death from heart disease, cancer and all causes in both young and […]

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I remember when I was a kid, you know a kid, maybe 10 years old. I was almost invincible. If I fell and was hurt, I probably cried a bit and then picked myself up and continued playing. That’s what most kids do. If I was tired of running I would stop, catch my breath […]