Three Things Most Exercisers Do Wrong In A Gym

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Don’t get me wrong, I have a whole list of things that people who exercise do, which are in my opinion wrong. Usually I never say anything to them. It’s really none of my business. But I can’t help but think, at least to myself…..“if you are going to take the time to exercise, you should take the time to learn how to do it correctly”.

So. .let’s start with one of my favorites.

Movements which reduce a “Full Range of Motion”

First here is a definition of the phrases Range Of Motion. Range of Motion (ROM) is a term commonly used to refer to the movement of a joint from full flexion to full extension. Each joint has a normal range of motion. However the amount of movement is a joint varies greatly between individuals.

Picture this. Someone is sitting in a bench press machine. In order to do this exercise both hands grasp a handle, that is very much like a barbell and push from the bottom of the chest as high as both hands can push the bar. If both hands fully extend so they cannot push any further they have reached a full extension. Bring them down to the chest, full contraction, and back up again.
Good Job done the right way.

Different person same machine, He starts from a position of his elbows fully flexed, but brings them down only an inch or two. Down a couple of inches and up a couple of inches. Now you can do almost any exercise through a full range of motion, or not.

When you don’t complete an exercise through a full range of motion, that is exactly what you teach your body to do. Move is short movements, not long, full ones. So big deal your thinking. Maybe, but think about losing you balance and falling, the first thing you do is put both arms out to protect yourself from the ground. If you put your arms out a few inches, well you get the idea. It won’t be pleasant when you finally hit the ground. Think about running in a emergency, long smooth strides, or short, ineffective moves that reduce your ability to move fast.

Here is my Pet Peeve No 2. Doing exercises in a hap hazard way.

A set on a Chest Press Machine, then a set or two on a Leg Machine, and then a set or two on a Back Machine…. No rhyme or reason to the routine, whatever machine or piece of equipotent is available is used when it becomes available.

A good thought out routine usually creates a program that work out larger muscles first, and then smaller muscles, for example. Leg Press, Ham Strings, Back, Chest, Triceps, Biceps and abs. The reason for this, each exercise pre exhausts the smaller muscles. This way you major muscles first, and then the isolated one second….. I could write a book about this concept but for now, trust me, it’s the right way to work out

Last, But Not Least


I know this is going to aggravate many gym goers. A gym is a place one goes to, to perform a well planned exercise program that will accomplish ones goals. Get in, do your work out, get out.

Don’t sit on a machine, talking to your buddies about the weather. If a machine is open, use it efficiently and effectively and when you are done, get up and let the next person use it.

Every time I have to ask someone in a gym if they are using a machine that I want to use, but they are just sitting on it, and talking to a few friends, I become the intruder into their little social circle. This should never be. Be aware of people around you, be courteous to their needs as well as your own. When you are done, get up and let someone else use the equipment

I have many more pet peeves in a commercial gym, but not everyone agrees with me, nor should they……but hey, work out, stay healthy and please get help, and do it right. You are the one who will benefit from a well thought out program.

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