Very Bad Exercising Mistakes You Should Not Make!

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As a personal Trainer Servicing Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and the South Palm Beach Area, this blog was a challenge to write. I had to pick, from a list of so many the most popular mistakes that I think people are making. Realize that this is not the entire list, this might be the top five, but by no means to whole list.

Bad Advise: (Specific time of day is best for working out.

While there is some limited research to support the idea that some specific times during the day, will provide the best results for some very specific types of exercise. For the majority of us this is simply not true, and for us, the best time to work out is whatever the best time is for you. Pick a time that is most convenient for you. Your workout time should fit nicely into your daily routine.

Bad Advise: For Woman, don’t lift heavy weights, it will “bulk you up”

Unfortunately this is still a misconception that’s drilled into the minds of woman. Woman just are not built the same way men are. Sorry, that’s the plain truth. In order to build large muscle mass your body has to have an ample supply of testosterone to accomplish that goal. Most woman, just don’t have enough testosterone to build large muscles But…they can and should lift weights. They can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass to some extent, and build a very feminine, smooth healthy looking body.

Bad Advise: Cardio is a very important factor in losing weight.

Cardio is an important factor in losing weight. BUT….. As a general rule, cardio as the only means to weight loss probably will not work. You have to diet, which means eat less, do some cardio and most important, lifting weights allows the body to burn more calories at rest and is has a longer after burn effect. It also increases lean body mass. This can enhance weight loss efforts. A strong, lean, fit body looks so much better than any food tastes.

Bad Advise: No Pain No Gain

Of all the bad info available this is in my opinion the worst possible advise you can listen to. Lifting weights at the desired intensity to get results will cause discomfort. As you do continued reps for each exercise the muscle get fatigued. In order to keep functioning it draws on more fibers to do the work. With each additional rep, the muscle has to work just a bit harder. The last two or three reps for every exercise should be hard to do and cause considerable discomfort. Not pain. As soon as you feel pain, stop. Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Only a fool who is looking to get injured, does not pay attention to this warning.

Bad Advise: If you do more reps at a lighter weight you can, “Tone Up”

Actually “Tone Up” really means absolutely nothing. A muscle can only do three things. Stay the same size. Get larger and stronger. Get smaller and weaker.

It’s just not capable of “Toning Up” When someone says, “I want to lose weight and tone up” what they are really saying is this. “I want to lose body fat, gain muscle and look good”. You can do that by incorporating a well thought out exercise plan. Lifting weights, eating less food, and the appropriate amount of cardio will help you achieve that goal.

Good Advise.

As a Personal Trainer in Boca Raton, I develop programs to fit my clients needs and have programs available for men, women and those over 50. They are well thought out after an extensive consultation. The are science based, experience proven, and have brought results to many clients. If you would like my help please call me at 954 695 7178.

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